Registration Form for Event Managers
Welcome to the pre-accreditation service.

The event registration and pre-accreditation service is a digital platform provided by nDD - nDimensões Digitais Lda, a Mozambican company based in the City of Maputo. This service enables event registration and registration of participants over the Internet to an event previously set up by a manager. Events can be configured as public or private.

The manager creates one or more events, such as conferences, meetings, seminars, group or private parties, or any other kind of event that will bring people together and have a list of participants. After creating the event, the manager provides the address of the registration page so that participants can fill out the registration or accreditation form. The manager has access to the platform at any time to check the statistics of the subscribers, the participants and confirm or reject applications for registration.

The use of the service is free for events up to 25 participants with 30 days of registration available.
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