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Mozambique intends to join the global call for action launched by the United Nations and various bodies responsible for the sustainability of the oceans within the framework of ODS14 implementation, establishing a platform for ongoing dialogue, to be held in series, biennial, called Conference "GROWING BLUE".

1st Conference

Date: 23 to 24 of May 2019

City of Maputo,Mozambique

"Growing Blue:
Sustainable and Shared Use of the Ocean"

Government of Mozambique
(Ministry of the Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries),

For this Conference focus will be on four thematic areas, namely:

  • Regional / International Platforms
  • Ocean Pollution
  • Biodiversity / Conservation
  • Climate Change/ Food Security
  • Maritime Security
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Transport / Shipping
  • Ports
  • Maritime Commerce
  • Tourism
  • Renewable Energy
  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Trade



1. The first conference intends to address the thematic areas with the general objective to promote the integration of the development of sea economies in the context of a sustainable Blue Economy, based on robust scientific and technological knowledge.

2. The general objective defined will be based on approaches that allow to:

A. Share and collect experiences from current models in countries with a successful track record of implementation of different Blue Economy areas and the work of organizations/platforms with strategies and programs in these areas;
B. Identify and promote the best engagement models of the different institutional actors for the success of scientific, technological and innovative research applied in areas of Blue Economy development.


3. The expected results are aligned with the objectives identified above with a view to defining subsequent post-conference steps, which are translated into the following:

(1) Experiences shared on implementing models and approaches of Blue Economy initiatives for the maximization of the potential of the Oceans.
(2) Regional and partner commitment for the development of research, innovation and technology capacity in the region.
(3) Elements identified for the refining of a common vision of development of the shared resource - the Indian Ocean, and how to converge actions to fulfill the commitments assumed in the scope of the implementation of SDG14.
(4) Basis established for cooperation strengthening to anchor the implementation of the Blue Economy through a strong regional and international collaboration as well as structured approaches, integrated models and operational mechanisms (institutional and financial).
(5) Mapping of the opportunities for the intervention of different actors, to be structured in the form of a "White Paper: Blue Economy Road Map" for reference to implementers, investors and international cooperating partners.



According to the objectives set, the "Growing Blue" Conference focusing on the Western Indian Ocean Region aims to bring together around 500 participants from national, regional and international entities with multiple interests and competencies in the fields of the Blue Economy and sea governance, joining decision-makers, implementers, companies, donors, financial institutions, research & teaching institutions, civil society and NGOs with activities related to the sea, coastal areas, oceans and its ecosystems.